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These internet links have been tried and contributed to by teachers in Oregon working with mainstream and ESL students and in Arizona attending Structured English Immersion training.  They support grades K-12 and a range of subject areas.

Thematic Instruction
Enchanted Learning
An awesome resource for language dictionaries, thematic instruction, pre and post tests, and a safe resource page!
Web Research & Learning Games
This site was created by some of my teaching friends in Oregon. We integrated technology with our instruction daily and these are some of the resources bookmarked for teachers to use with their students. Enjoy this awesome resource!
Especially for primary students and pre-emergent level ELL students, this site is a wonderful pre-literacy tool!
This website can be used to reinforce phonics concepts.
Study skills
This website was shared as a resource for reading.
Social Studies
Visit this site for national standards-based lessons and reproducibles, classroom game materials, and online activities. There is also a Homework Hub link, resources for teachers and parents, study tips for kids, and more!
Arizona SEI Program
Arizona SEI Program
Use this site to stay up to date on forms, meetings, conferences, and information about Arizona's Structured English Immersion Program requirements through the Office of English Language Acquisition Services.
ESL Resources
ESL Resources
Catherine Brown is well known in the field of English as a Second Language and her website is an amazing resource for books, materials, internet resources, lessons, and activities, to assist you with your second language learners.
Drawing Program
This free drawing program for children ages 3-12 combines an easy-to-use interface, fun sound effects, and a cartoon mascot who guides them as they use the program.
Math Review
Use the math game called Spacey Math to review multiplication tables. It's also a good practice for standardized testing.
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