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Five Little Snowmen

Five little snowmen, standing on a hill,  

The first one said, “Oh my, I have a chill!” 

The second one said, “There are snowflakes in the air!”

 The third one said, “I wish I had some hair.” 

The fourth one said, “Will the kids come out to play?”

 The fifth one said, “I think so, it’s Saturday!”

 Oooooooooooooo went the wind and up rose the sun,

 And the five little snowmen waited to have fun.




Horse Chant

Is this a horse?                           Yes, Ma’am!

Are you sure it’s a horse?           Yes, Ma’am!

Well, how do you know?          It has a tail and a mane.

How else do you know?           To stop you pull the rein.

Is there anything else?        It eats grasses, grains, and hay.

And what about it’s 4 hooves?   It wears horseshoes to play.

Do you know some horse facts?    Yes, Ma’am.

Can you name them for me?          Yes, Ma’am.



Mare and colt too,

And a baby foal,

                                   Just for you!                                    



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